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FD 6900-AutoMixTM 3 with optional furniture
Speed: Up to 4,300 pieces/hr
Monthly Duty Cycle: Up to 120,000 pieces/month
Inserts into flats
Up to four feeders
Featured Highlights

The 6900 Series utilizes a user-friendly central control system with automatic settings for one-touch setup of up to 9 different jobs. With the 6900 Series, you don’t have to worry about page lengths, envelope sizes or complex jobs. Whether you are mailing one-page invoices, 50-page statements, or anything in between, the 6900 Series offers the functionality to get the job done.
The 6900 Series Inserters are the most powerful and versatile tabletop system available. The 6900 Series offers the versatility of processing a wide range of envelope sizes from a standard #10 to a flat 10” x 13”. AutoMix™ models take this flexibility to the next level by allowing different sized envelopes to be used on-the-fly during operation. Up to four feed stations are capable of reaching speeds up to 4,300 pieces/hour and handling up to 120,000 inserts per month.
Recommended Options

OMR for collating and inserting multiple page documents
Insert thin booklets and CD s with the versatile Booklet Feeder
Neatly square and align forms and envelopes with a 402 Series Jogger