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AutoSeal Pressure Sealers and One-Piece Mailers - "Engineering Pressure Seal Solutions Is Our Passion"
Formax is the leading designer and supplier of pressure seal equipment used to fold and seal one-piece mailers. Advanced, patented AutoSeal technology has been the solution of choice for Fortune 500 companies to schools and small businesses for the last decade. The AutoSeal equipment line provides desktop solutions used in an office environment to high-end production equipment needed for larger corporations. Desktop solutions begin with the economical FD 1400 entry-level pressure sealer for smaller jobs while the fully-automatic flagship FD 2052 model is specifically designed to process multiple applications with simplicity and ease. The FD 2000IL and FD 2052IL In-Line Systems work in conjunction with MICR and non-MICR laser printers to print, fold and seal in one streamlined process.

The One-Piece Mailer Solution

Pressure seal one-piece mailers are the ultimate solution for any business document that can be printed on one piece of paper. The reason? One-piece mailers eliminate the need for envelopes and provide a much faster, cost-effective solution to inserting equipment or folding and stuffing by hand. Pressure seal mailers have narrow bands of pressure sensitive adhesive which create a complete and secure seal when processed through AutoSeal equipment. Pressure seal mailers are laser printer compatible and provide a simple, streamlined solution for virtually all businesses regardless of size or type. Pressure seal one-piece mailers are processed thru a printer, laser or impact. The printed document is then taken to the AutoSeal pressure sealers to be folded and sealed. The result is a secure, outgoing mail-ready document which provides a professional look in a timely, cost effective manner.

The following are just a few popular applications processed thru Formax AutoSeal pressure sealers:

FD 2052

Pressure Seal Forms

  • Invoices
  • Appointment Notices
  • Payroll/Checks
  • Grade Reports
  • Utility Bills
  • W-2's
  • Direct Mail
  • PIN Mailers
  • Rebates and more!