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In today's world, it's far too easy for sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands. One of the best solutions is a Formax 8000 Series Shredder.

Formax offers a complete line of shredders, featuring commercial-grade design and components, matched with cutting-edge technology. With deskside, office and industrial shredders, in both cross-cut and strip-cut models, Formax offers a shredder to meet your needs, large or small.

Powerful compact deskside models are as small as a wastebasket and provide on-the-spot destruction of sensitive paperwork, phone messages and notes generated throughout the day.

Office shredders are available in nine (9) models, with a variety of shred sizes and feed openings, including the New High Security Level 6 models that meet the requirements of NSA/CSS specification 02-01. Select models accept CDs, DVDs and DV tape.

Industrial models designed for large volume shredding are powerful enough to shred up to 650 sheets at once, stacks of computer forms, and magnetic disks.

Standard features include a powerful AC geared-motor with heavy-duty steel gears for high performance and minimal noise, automatic start/stop/reverse, specially-hardened steel shredding blades, sensors for safety and convenience, an easy-to-use control panel, and heavy-duty steel cabinets.

FD 8200 Deskside Shredder

FD 8500 Office Shredder

FD 8802CC Industrial
Conveyor Shredder